Re-organisation of the OCU structure

Once you have completed your basic flight training and passed any required check flights, you move on to the OCU where you will learn how to use the aircraft to fight.
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Re-organisation of the OCU structure

Post by Roon » 04 Mar 2020, 21:02

Following the departure from RAFAIRUK and the OCU of our most prized asset, Will, it is necessary that we change the structure and organisation of the OCU to enable the continued high level of training and comradeship developed over the last two years under Will's guidance.

Firstly, we are going to rename the OCU in keeping with the RAF Jaguar Fleet as a nod to our mentor and friend. The OCU will become 16(R)Sqn F18 OCU.
Secondly, as 41Sqn is to be removed from RAFAIR, we will substitute 54Sqn as our squadron on graduation from the OCU. That should piss off the "Boss"! :D

OC 54 Sqn Bob promoted Wg Cdr on graduation from the OCU and supported by Ade

To acheive this we will also restructure our command structure to more closely match that of an operational Sqn as follows

OC 16(R) Sqn Ade Wg Cdr
2 i/c 16(R) Sqn Yogi promoted Sqn Ldr
OC A Flt 16(R) Sqn Simon promoted Sqn Ldr
OC B Flt 16(R) Sqn Russ promoted Sqn Ldr

To distribute the workload more evenly and to make progress more smooth, we are going to create Phase Instuctors from the current student body - training them to teach and instruct the phases in which they have shown a particular apptitude.
These are:
Ground School and Conversion (CV) Russ
Formation Simon
Inst Flying/Night Flying Yogi
Low Level Navigation Simon
Weapons Bob
Simulated Attack Profiles Ade
Air to Air Yogi

The final Phases of Carrier Ops and Air-to-Air Refuelling will now be pushed to 54 Sqn Limited Combat Ready training workup program.

In conclusion, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Will for his efforts to give us a glimpse into the life of an RAF Sqn pilot and the training he /she goes through to get there. It has been a privilege to form an OCU in DCS with a veteran of such standing. I would also like to thank sincerely the members of the OCU for their enthusiasm and support, great bunch.
I'll finish with a phrase all will recognise and miss. "Sharpen up FFS!"
Sometimes stuff is supposed to fall off....sometimes not.
I still can't be sure which... :?

Officer Commanding F18 OCU
Wing Commander Ade Rhoney - RAF Air UK
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Re: Re-organisation of the OCU structure

Post by Richard Rodgers » 05 Mar 2020, 13:56


I will make the necessary changes to the website & forum asap.
Air Commodore Richard Rodgers - RAF Air UK
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Re: Re-organisation of the OCU structure

Post by john (scooby) » 05 Mar 2020, 14:22

Is there no chance of will returning?
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(this is) 2, killed everything (3 missile toting mig 29s in a furball), fuel state 1.1 :lol:

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