Tuesday Night's Missions

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Tuesday Night's Missions

Post by Will » 09 Feb 2020, 15:28

Below is a copy of the minutes of today's Sqn Cdrs' Meeting for your info and future action. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me. Please note the plea at the end of the minutes, some of you have 3 different names!


At the Sqn Cdrs' Scheduling Meeting held today the following was agreed:

1. The Duty Planner (the Planner responsible for the following Tuesday's mission) will post on the Forum (under OPERATIONS, Squadron Flights), on the preceding Tuesday, the number of seats available on the mission in question by aircraft type. Therefore, providing a complete week's notice.

2. Pilots should bid for seats to their respective Sqn Cdrs via each Squadron's Forum page not later than the Saturday prior to the mission.

3. Sqn Cdrs will meet on TS at 14:00 on the Sunday preceding the mission to schedule pilots to the seats available.

4. The completed Flying Programme for the Tuesday mission will be posted by Gp Capt Neil on the Forum (under OPERATIONS, Squadron Flights) by cop on the Sunday prior to the mission.

There was also a plea for pilots to standardise their name so that the same name appears on TS, WhatsApp and DCS. This might involve a begging letter to Richard! Sqn Cdrs agreed to action this point at a Sqn level.

We agreed to run this system for half a dozen cycles and see if it solves the problems identified by the planners.

Wg Cdr Will - OC 41(F)Sqn
Wing Commander Will, OC 41(F)Sqn - RAFAir UK
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