Testing Apache and FW CAS mission integration

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Testing Apache and FW CAS mission integration

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Hi all

would anyone be willing to fly the F18 on a Monday evening with 60 Sqn? I am looking at what would work with a joint op with the Apache and FW CAS. I know that Paul has already tried buddy lasing with the A10 so we know that in principle it works, I would now like to try this in an operational situation.

My initial scenario would be a target area, say a bridge head, which is protected by SAM and armour. The Apache will recce and identify targets/ mark targets, which we will notify via MGRS Grids. We will also lase targets for your weapon deployment. The initial trial will be simplistic to consider comms and SOP for correct target acquisition. The second stage will be a more robust enemy with SAM network and interlocking ground targets. I see this second stage trial as a bit more challenging.

Clearly I may be over simplifying the approach but I think it will add alot to DCS missions.

Welcome thoughts


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