Forum Signatures. YET AGAIN - PLEASE READ

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Forum Signatures. YET AGAIN - PLEASE READ

Post by Richard Rodgers »

Hi guys,

I know that you have all been here before when I set the new site up in July.

Well guess what, the change over yesterday has only buggered the Forum Signatures up again.

Will you ALL check your Signature Layout in your User Control Panel/Profile and if there are any broken links in the preview part at the top of your Signature section please make any amendments as per one of the following solutions:-

Solution 1- by editing some code

Once in your Signature editing section you will see lots of text similar to this example --->

What you need to do is replace EVERY instance of with

Please be aware that any other text such as [img] or http:// MUST be left intact. You are only changing as shown above.

Solution 2- by starting from scratch

Once in your Signature editing section you will see all the code and the first line of this will be your Rank and Name enclosed within some [b and [size] tags. In the editing box you will see all the code as in Solution 1. Make a note of all the image files so that you know which ones to add in later. For example, wings.png, long_service.png etc etc

Leave the line that shows your Name but delete all the code that is on the lines below.

Then go to here viewtopic.php?f=256&t=2786 and follow the instructions.

If you get stuck please contact me and I will talk you through it if required.

I am very sorry for you all having to do this again, but it is just one of the many joys of web stuff.

For those of you yet to sort your signatures out, and yes there are a few of you, and some that should have done it looooooong ago. Please get this sorted for me.

Once you have checked and edited yours could you post back here and simply say SIGNATURE ALL OKAY so that I know who has sorted theirs and I can then keep moaning to those of you who haven't done theirs. After I have read your post on this thread I will delete it so that you know that I am aware you have actioned this.

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Re: Forum Signatures. YET AGAIN - PLEASE READ

Post by Red Rooster »

Signature all OK
Flying Officer Alistair "Red Rooster" Wright - RAF Air UK

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