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Re: avia page (landing info)

Post by Father Cool » 25 May 2020, 18:35

What the hell is boosted throttle? :?
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Re: avia page (landing info)

Post by john (scooby) » 25 May 2020, 19:17

Father Cool wrote:
25 May 2020, 18:35
What the hell is boosted throttle? :?
i know what it is now,
auto is autothrottle for landing
boost is like power steering, its power assisted throttle control. leave it on boost
manual is what it says, mechanically connected cables and pulleys for use if the electric assist fails, i dont know how its modelled in game but leave them in boost, if mutley finds it works better for him then go for it but i dont recomend it for people unless youre having issues
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Re: avia page (landing info)

Post by Mutley » 26 May 2020, 07:49

anything that helps out blind and crippled Pew eh lol
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