CSG Trng Mission 25th Nov

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CSG Trng Mission 25th Nov

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Tuesdays training mission which for all sorts of reasons didn't quite go as planned was flown last night with 2 joint flights, the aim of the mission was to highlight competency thereby being able to ascertain what will be needed by Individuals / Squadrons to bring us together to enable both Squadrons to fly whilst all are singing from the same hymn sheet.
For me personally, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, it allowed each one of us to be self critical and calling out what and where improvements could be made by continuation training, the debrief was good to hear and from that plans, lessons / missions can be made to enhance what pilots feel they are lacking or would like to improve upon.

There are fun times ahead for the Carrier Strike Group, it's going to take some time to bring us all together and I would ask that everyone currently enlisted hang in there, we'll only get out of it what we put into it.
There is going to be lots to do for individuals in the background and in your own time, we have mission creators, planners and techy's. The ball is rolling and we need to keep it rolling.

Well done everyone last night.

A vid from the Tomcat perspective, and yes it's all about me :lol: :lol: , I was too busy concentrating to keep toggling between F2, F3, F6, ect

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