August mission - Serpents Head

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August mission - Serpents Head

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Operation Serpents Head
The local Taliban tribes are active in the area and are gathering for the spring offensive. They operate in small clusters of approx 24, all in the light role. They have no heavy weapons or AA.
The command elements are known to be meeting at 2 local villages, where they will be planning the next major offensive.
To kill the local Taliban leadership
60 squadron have been tasked with the elimination of the local tribal leaders. This will remove a tactical tier from the local fighters and provide space for he more moderate leaders to take control.
The squadron will deploy at night and will be working with SAS JTAC teams to achieve the mission.
General Outline
The SAS have identified 3 firing points, 2 on village 1, the primary location and 1 at village 2.
The Sqn will manoeuvre to the fire points and wait for the JTAC units to lase the villages:
A. Village 1 – Intelligence have reported that 2 trucks will transport the senior officers to the village and begin squirting the targets once they have disembarked and settled into the main meeting tents. 60 Sqn are to eliminate the enemy during their main meal.
B. Village 2 – Intelligence report that 2 Isis commanders are at this village and they will be joining the meeting at an unspecified time. JTAC will lase these characters and 60 Sqn must destroy these commanders before they can move to the meeting place.
The mission is planned for August, which allows time to train in night ops, in joint ops with JTAC. The Sqn comd will post a night time training map to facilitate this training. This is the same map as the day one. Sorry I cant join you for the training😎
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