NOTAM Number N0006 - ATC Communications

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NOTAM Number N0006 - ATC Communications

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Hi All,

In an effort to bring all squadrons on to the same frequency band for ATC communications squadron commanders have agreed to adopt UHF frequencies for ATC communications effective immediately. the reason for this choice is to not ruin months and months of work and training done by 3(F) Squadron who have been operating a very detailed ladder system for their radio communications as a result this will ensure all squadrons are operating from the same frequency band for all radio traffic in and around airbases.

This change will not be required for aircraft carrier or FARP ATC communications with can remain unchanged to save additional confusion.

So please can we start to use the UHF frequencies at airbases from now on, I would personally like to thank each of the squadrons that have agreed to adopt this change on behalf of 3(F) Squadron it a great to see how inclusive our RAF Air UK wing is!

As always fly safe and remember UHF on the flight line saves lives!

Your faithful servant
Air Commodore Matt Purnell - RAF Air UK
CO 1(F) Squadron


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