Matt Purnell

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Richard Rodgers
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Matt Purnell

Post by Richard Rodgers »

Following Gp Captain Matt Prunell's agreement to take on the role of leading RAF Air through future endeavours, it gives me great pleasure in announcing his promotion to the rank of Air Commodore.

Matt will undoubtedly make great strides for RAF Air in his new role. Please join me in congratulating him.

Well done Matt. Very well deserved promotion. Please change your Rank information to reflect this change.
Gp Captain Richard Rodgers - RAF Air UK
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Wee Neal 0414
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Re: Matt Purnell

Post by Wee Neal 0414 »

Well done Matt!
Squadron Leader Wee Neal 0414
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Re: Matt Purnell

Post by Flyco »

‘Morning Mat - sorry I should have said ‘Boss!’ Well deserved.
Wing Commander Alan Johnson - RAFAir UK
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Re: Matt Purnell

Post by Duke »

Congratulations Matt! Well deserved!

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0405 Andrew
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Re: Matt Purnell

Post by 0405 Andrew »

Nice one Matt.

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Re: Matt Purnell

Post by Chris »

Good Luck mate, there's some cranky ole gits out there, you may need some :) Enjoy...
Kind Regards
Chris :)

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Re: Matt Purnell

Post by Plexi »

Congrats mate. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke, well it could, but they chose you instead. :lol:
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Peter "Plexi" Sumner
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Re: Matt Purnell

Post by Matt »

Thanks all, i look forward to carrying on the great work Richard put in to get us here!
Air Commodore Matt Purnell - RAF Air UK
CO 1(F) Squadron

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Re: Matt Purnell

Post by Beanie »

Congrats buddy.
Sqn Leader Andrew "Beanie" Benson - RAF Air UK
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Re: Matt Purnell

Post by Roon »

Right man for the job, congrats and well deserved. OCU/41Sqn ready for inspection Sir! :D
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