Falcon BMS Installation Help Sheet

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Falcon BMS Installation Help Sheet

Post by Sharpe »

All: Please can I ask that if you find a 'glitch' with BMS and then resolve it (Maggsy with the controllers mapping issue, Maggsy and Beanine with the windows 10 microphone configuration defaults in IVC, muff with how to fix the issue that allows 2d window mode with full size 3d scene etc)

to PLEASE post it in the link below (bug and fix). It is becoming clear that people are tripping up over issues people have found and resolved but because it gets spoken about in what's app groups the issues and fixes are lost to most people.


As promised please see below:

BMS Set up Guide
I will caveat this by saying I am not an expert when it comes to installing BMS or troubleshooting.
This guide merely collates information from the internet with a few snippets of advice based on prior experience.

DO NOT INSTALL ANY THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE WITHOUT RUNNING IT PAST SHARPE FIRST, often 3rd party software exists from 4.32 and 4.33 that is not needed for 4.34 and can mess it up. Software known to be safe:

Helios, YAME64 (although only works if a version of 4.33 exists – not ideal and extractions can be achieved in other ways), Mission Commander (enhancement for mission editing), weather Commander (enhanced weather editing for missions), Weapon Delivery Planner (enhanced pre-flight mission/data cartridge and knee-board manipulation), TACVIEW.

Note that I only use Helios (by necessity) and Mission Commander (by choice for some missions, just to change call signs). I have used Weapon Delivery Planner but I find often times it does not add that much and it just slows down getting into the pit.

What do you need?
1) An account to the Benchmark Sims (BMS) forum area here: https://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/content.php
2) A copy of the original Falcon 4.0 (you can get this from steam, Good Old Games, Retro sim and other places) DON’T get allied force it won’t work.
3) Download the falcon BMS 4.34 ‘full installer’ pack from the benchmark sims forum area:
https://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/sho ... -Installer
4) Download the falcon BMS 4.34 incremental updates from the benchmark sims forum area
U1: https://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/sho ... -Installer
U2: https://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/sho ... -Installer
U3: https://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/sho ... -Installer
U4: https://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/sho ... -Installer

Do any guides exist?
Yes many - the benchmark sims forum has several, I strongly suggest you read them (they also have install notes in each of the forum download areas). BUT beware of watching out of date guides relevent to 4.32 or 4.33 (or earlier) these may not be helpful or applicable.
Guides a follows:
Common BMS/Update Installation Questions: https://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/sho ... -Questions

Generic BMS FAQ: https://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/content.php?131

Installation guide(s): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... pp=desktop

Full BMS Setup guide (config, graphics, controllers etc): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQNb_AKtuE0

OK, so what do I do?
Well, read the installation instructions written by BMS and watch the video guides, but in summary:
1) Install Falcon 4.0.
2) Install Falcon BMS 4.34 (you will need to target it at a specific file from Falcon 4.0)
3) Install Falcon BMS 4.34 U1 (you will need to target it at a specific file from Falcon 4.0)
4) Install Falcon BMS 4.34 U2 (you will need to target it at a specific file from Falcon 4.0)
5) Install Falcon BMS 4.34 U3 (you will need to target it at a specific file from Falcon 4.0)
6) Install Falcon BMS 4.34 U4 (you will need to target it at a specific file from Falcon 4.0)
7) Set up Falcon BMS config settings (this is in the setup vid above, but is not essential immediately to get BMS working)
8) Set up Falcon BMS graphics and sound (also in the setup vid above, but again this is not essential immediately to get falcon working)
9) Set up Falcon BMS controllers (also in the setup vid above)
10) Create a pilot logbook (please use your call sign, eg 'Sharpe' rather than 'Chris').
Note that the updates are incremental, you have to do one after the other.

Trouble shooting known issues
1) There is a know issue with U1 and U3 where your antivirus may detect it as malware. Don’t worry this is a known false positive. So long as you are downloading the file from one of the trusted links of the forum you should be ok (I use WDP as its been there since the earliest days of BMS). The issue is that the virus scanner does not recognise the publisher and raises it as a (low) threat. You can opt to install with your anti-virus disabled OR you can create an exception for the file in question.

2) Owing to a recent Microsoft Update IVC (BMS equivalent of SRS) is often recognised as a virus by your antivirus. If you are having trouble in multiplayer with IVC:
-a) Check your anti-virus software's quarantine area. If IVC or any BMS related files are in there, create an exception for that file.
-b) Try running BMS/IVC with your anti-virus off. If this works and your IVC works fine, you know at least that the problem is with the AV rather than BMS, its just a case of figuring out how to create an exclusion within your AV.

3) Note that if you wish to host a multiplayer game you MUST open certain ports for IVC and BMS within your router. The way this is done is shown in the videos linked above by MaxWaldorf (5th video in his list).

[If you encounter any hic-ups along the way, or resolve issues, please post below - others may wish to know or be aware]

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Re: Falcon BMS Installation Help Sheet

Post by Cynodont »

Hi all,

Found the following you tube video helpful in understanding a little more about how to configure BMS. It's a little dated but useful.


Hope someone else finds it useful.

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Re: Falcon BMS Installation Help Sheet

Post by maggsy »

While Falcon BMS has been around for a few years ( haven't we all !! ) its is by its nature a stable platform, however like all software we as end users do tend to push the envelope of what is possible and this does occasionally throw a spanner in even the most bug free programmes, BMS is no exception but it does boast massive support from its end users and devs.
Many of us are exploring BMS and are adapting its features to take advantage of all the shiny tech we now find essential for our simming needs.
One is the export(extraction) of key elements of the cockpit ( MFD's, RWR, ICP etc) this has not been without some of us experiencing strange CTD's when forcing windows mode.

I searched for solutions and there are many posted on the internet some simple some not so.. for my own issue I looked at the fix for a CTD when in windowed mode where the Extracted "mini windows" were on a second monitor I have moved to a different orientation.
The techie fix was to edit certain lines in the cfg files, but in a reply to the OP's plea for help somebody posted a simple quick and painless fix, un-install the BMS 3.4 using its own setup and then re-install.
It seems if your getting CTD's when trying to extract MFD's etc in BMS and the windowed mode , the easiest solution seems to be an fresh install ( save your config files for controllers unless you wish to re-do them ) it takes 10 mins to uninstall BMS ( leave the steam falcon alone no need to do that bit ) and simply re-install BMS 3.4 the install screen had all the available updates saved and I selected all of them 1 thru 4 and it did it... no problem at all and fixed my issue with a CTD when I had dragged my extracted windows off screen and could not bring them back due to the CTD .. 30 mins tops you can edit CFG files but tbh its easier and quicker to do a fresh install ..
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Re: Falcon BMS Installation Help Sheet

Post by maggsy »

Teamviewer Sessions

I have realised that many of you are frustrated at the different setup required for the BMS and thought that if I hosted a Team Viewer session where I went throught setting up my system you could see possible differences.
I do not pretend to have all the answers, or have any techincal knowledge, however I have ploughed through and seem to be running BMS in a stable manner.

Can I say while BMS is not a new, the way we are using it is new to us all and there are bound to be teething problems, DCS is not perfect, nor SRS, who has not had issues with DCS multiplayer and desired servers not being seen in the list or SRS not connecting/staying connected or even working, BMS is not immune to the very same issues.

BMS is able to bring all we use in DCS into a single package, Multiplayer missions, Mission building, Mission editing, Mission Briefing, Comms frequencies and an SRS type system that allows us to use the built in radios to talk directly to each other. Each part of the jigsaw has work for the whole picture to be seen.

At the moment we are seeing some basic failures,

PC & hardware setup
  • 1
Myself I know that my Occulus Rift Headphones and mic are grabbed by IVC as the default ( despite me thinking I had set my Hyper X' headset as the default playback and capture device) If I do not check this beforehand and ensure that the IVC client is using the Hyper X IVC does not work and I have to back out select the right capture/playback device and rejoin.
  • 2
Track IR forgetting to turn this on before starting your Sim ( no different in BMS than in DCS and just as annoying and delaying)
  • 3
Anti Virus/Firewall Software. There are page after page of issues surrounding AV software/Firewall for every online game going back to when granny was a boy and still we expect game devs to predict what each of us have and how we us it. some simple steps beforehand can make a big difference. Create Exceptions, Rules for all the Sims exe's, inc IVC client/server, even for folders and files in some cases (ORBX for P3d seemed to require many layers of permissions if I recall) Many issues are a result of us not setting up the software and our own AV and firewall so they work properly whilst not blocking preogrammes we need.
  • 4
Install you sim software as Admin, Windows does not like 3rd party software period !! it messes up the neat and faultless performace of this perfect no issues OS "cough cough cough" Seriously installing software and running as admin can eliminate many issues, NOT istalling it to the main root folder where windows lives is also the best option, Windows does not like sharing its space with anything else, it guards files and file access like a rabid bulldog and this can impact sim software and any addons badly, even prevent it from running, MS Flight Sim, P3d, DCS and yes Falcon BMS too, so please always install your 3rd party software if at all possible as far away from your windows program folder as possible, no I do not mean in the next room :lol: you all know what I mean. I try to reserve my C:\ drive for my OS only and never accept the default install location of any software if an another option is available.
  • 5
Routers. The simple/complext steps to ensure our sims have access both in and out to the internet has to be done, yes many of our sim software does this automatically but some does not and as our internet connections and home networks become more complex the need for security and access tends to conflict. By ensuring we grant access to the correct ports for the correct device on our routers can eliminate many issues.
  • 6
BMS setup Controllers this does at first glance seem to be a bit odd BUT just because you can select each and every controller connected to your PC does not mean you have to wade through each one and set it up on its own, in fact I suspect some issues with control inputs are found here with the fact we tried to setup a joy stick we applied and saved then moved efficiently on to the Throttle, and repeated the same, apply and save on and on we went working our way through Rudder pedals etc etc each time unwittingly we applied and saved not realising we were over-writing the previous controllers setup with a default set up plus the ones specifically for the current "Live" one unless your a Pit Builder you leave the controller on Joystick and apply the assigned functions to which ever controller button/switch you desire, For Axis go to Advanced and in the drop down windows you will see every "Available" axis for all your controllers simply pick from the menu the desired X/Y/Z for the desired controller and apply and save.
Believe me it was more complex to write than to do so I will host a TV session or two or three is required and show you how I set up my BMS inc IVC basics .
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Re: Falcon BMS Installation Help Sheet

Post by Sapper »

Top tip. Find the BMS manual (see third option down on the BMS splash screen on first opening the game). Open it. Read it. It is actually very good. This is now my first port of call when looking for answers.
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Re: Falcon BMS Installation Help Sheet

Post by Beanie »

TIP TOP TIP #1: Do not have Idle Cutoff Enabled in the config file as this causes engine fires on startup.
TIP TOP TIP #2: Dogfight/Missile Override Self-Cancel works as long as it's on the boat switch on your HOTAS.
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