3 Squadron participation in missions

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3 Squadron participation in missions

Post by Neil Willis » 29 Jun 2020, 09:12

Following a team talk within 3 Squadron given the inadequate short-term support for the F-16 from ED, they have decided to add Falcon 4.0 BMS into their facilities, and take a lesser role within the RAF Air operational flying program.

We, the admin team, have backed fully their choice, and will make certain they always get our complete support and encourage everyone in 3 Squadron to remain a fully active member of RAF Air.

The Squadron requests that mission planners make a provision for a single flight of F-16s in every mission we run on Tuesday operations, but with the proviso that their tasks are limited in the short term to attainable goals, and goals that will not impact on any other aspect of the mission in order that non-attendance will not mar the wider operation, but will also allow them to be flexible regarding joining in. This measure will remain in force until such time that the ED F-16s are sufficiently complete to allow a complete training program on the ED platform, and sufficient weapon systems to make full participation in operations feasible.

We apologise to the mission writers for all the uncertainty that has existed recently, but clearly, the issue has, and remains beyond our control currently.
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Re: 3 Squadron participation in missions

Post by Sharpe » 30 Jun 2020, 12:53

Neil (and all mission designers).

I have put a post in the 3(F) Sqn forum area (link below) that can be referenced by mission builders to understand if anyone wishes to fly a DCS F16 in the RAF Air Tuesday mission either 'this week' or 'next week' to allow mission designers awareness of 3(F) Sqn seat requests up to 2 weeks in advance at all times.

This post will always be up, and always updated so that mission designers will be able to quickly see if there is any (3)Sqn pilots that require an F16. This will be the medium through which we 'book' and 'communicate' our slots and I have asked 3(F) Sqn pilots to ensure they use the thread rather than any other means of comms to ensure clarity.

If we get into a 'groove' where there are no F16 requests week on week for a couple of weeks, I will still keep the thread open, but will contact you directly to highlight the fact that there has been a 'change to the norm' if/when someone then does put their name forward.


Hopefully this is helpful?


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