Op Walkabout

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Op Walkabout

Post by Sharpe » 29 Jun 2020, 18:35

PSA PDF briefing pack & DTC file.
PDF Briefing here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bunkspmq9c6vq ... 0.pdf?dl=0
DTC file here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gv9mfu5drlyv7 ... t.tac?dl=0

What to do with the DTC file?
1) Extract it if you have taken the zip file from the website (the dropbox file is not a zip file and can be placed directly into the file structure below).
2) Put your DTC file here once downloaded: [Falcon BMS saved location]\Falcon BMS 4.34\Data\Campaign

Flight leads are encouraged to discuss any plans within this thread.

Pilots and flight leads are encouraged to ask any questions about the mission here.

Mission can be flown to caret or not - pilots choice on the night.

Stores can be adjusted at flight lead/pilots discretion.

Take off times, flight routes and times/speeds are fixed.

OP Walkabout.7z
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OP Walkabout v1.0.pdf
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Posts: 61
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Re: Op Walkabout

Post by Sharpe » 30 Jun 2020, 06:41

Flight Details:
- Viper 1, 2-ship, OCA.
- Viper 1-1 is package lead and will host the DL at the EOR. All other aircraft in the package should set their DL setting (in the FCR) to 'DMD'.

Route Details:
- We plan to fly to caret.
- We are expecting to fly a Hi-Lo-Hi profile.
- We expect to take of at our assigned T/O time (no Rolex to adjust for early take off), which means we have a good 20 minutes on the ground to set up our aircraft, taxi and position on the runway.
- Assuming Falcon 1 flys to caret as well, we will be #1 in the package to take off and both flights will be over the target area at about the same time.
- We do not think this will conflict with Falcon 1 flight path or attack profile as while the targets are close and on similar vectors, we should be away from the immediate area of the C3 site.
- We do not anticipate needing to take fuel on the way home.
- Flying back to Kunsan to caret means Viper 1 will be #2 to land in the package but will take instruction from ATC.

Attack Profile Details:
- ATM we are 2 ship, as the target has two distinct runways each aircraft will attack a separate runway.
- Flight will move into 1 mile trail before the IP in order to de-conflict over the target as the runway is a 'cross' rather than parallel runway.
- The DTC has STP lines showing the approximate headings of the runway projecting 'towards' our IP. At IP the flight will split and each aircraft will follow one of the STP lines into the target, this should put each aircarft roughly in line with their corresponding runway.


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