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About Us - RAF Air UK, 1 FTS & 60 SQN

Post by Chris » 30 Jun 2020, 23:45

The RAF’s No. 1 Flying Training School (1 FTS) is the oldest military pilot training school in the world, currently used to deliver rotary training to aircrew of the British armed forces with a linage going back to 1919. Terra Marique ad Caelum (Latin for 'By Land and Sea to the Sky')

No. 60 Squadron of the Royal Air Force was formed in 1916 at Gosport. It is currently part of No. 1 Flying Training School based at RAF Shawbury in Shropshire flying the Airbus H135 Juno HT1. The squadron badge is a markhor's head and was approved by King George VI in December 1937.

Welcome to 1 FTS, a virtual squadron component of RAF AIR UK that;
  • coaches RAF AIR UK pilots to fly DCS rotary air frames both technically and tactically to known known standards
  • encourages and facilitates rotary roles, small and large, within all RAFAIR Squadron missions as desired
  • provide continuation skills training via performance review missions for those qualified.
  • regularly, host missions available to all regardless of qualifications,
1 FTS have no permanent staff or pilots. Trainers and Pilots attend a course and then return to their Squadrons. Those successful may be attached on a secondary basis from their parent Squadron to operational Flights under 60 Squadron RAF plate.

If you want to fly with us, we'll offer friendship, a laid back style, help, assistance and a formal training programme if desired. All initial training runs as a formal course. One at a time – none concurrent.

PM me for further details or any questions
Squadron Leader Chris "Gizzy" Simmons
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