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Relevant Training Videos

Post by Chris » 01 Jul 2020, 08:21

UH1H Start Up & SRS

Flying a pattern

Formation Practice

Engine Failure at a hover [think hot LZ!]

Manual Throttle Operation

Running Landing

Select LZ / PUZ / HA

Slope Landing

Terrain Flight Decel


Autorotation & 180

Dissymetry of lift ... x=3&t=176s

Gyroscopic Precession ... dex=4&t=0s

Compensating for dissymmetry of lift ... dex=5&t=0s

Transverse Flow ... dex=6&t=0s

Airflow at a hover ... dex=7&t=0s

ETL ... x=8&t=220s

Aerodynamics of a take off ... x=9&t=405s

VRS 1 ... ex=11&t=0s

VRS 2 ... ex=12&t=0s

Vuichard Recovery Technique - How to escape a Vortex Ring State ... rt_radio=1
Squadron Leader Chris "Gizzy" Simmons
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