25th Jan 22 - Op Adjutant

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25th Jan 22 - Op Adjutant

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Op Adjutant - Made by Hades for 1(F) Squadron

We have a crisis situation in the Black Sea. Following the outbreak of a ground war between Georgia and the breakaway Abkhazia region in Spring this year, the sides have settled into a steady front line, and a temporary truce was agreed to allow peace talks to take place. With NATO and Russian peacekeepers deployed to the area, things seemed to be cooling off.

However, late last night we received SIGINT reporting indicating that the Abkhazians have obtained a stockpile of R-11 Scud missiles and launchers from an unspecified rogue state. These were transported through the Istanbul canal on unmarked container ships approximately 15 hours ago, and are headed towards the Abkhazian coast as we speak.

It goes without saying that the successful delivery of this equipment would give the Abkhazians the ability to target Georgian cities, and thus subvert the peace process. NATO High Command have agreed for a strike to be launched against the container ships using the Harrier force stationed in the Black Sea aboard HMS Hermes.

Brief for Op Adjutant attached

https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/ ... sp=sharing

Squadron layout
Colt 1 - Chocks
Colt 11 - Maddog
Colt 12 - Telson

Colt 2 - Hades
Colt 21 - Flutch
Colt 22 - Uncle Muzz

Colt 3 - Matt
Colt 31 - Plexi
Colt 32 - Dennis
Group Captain Matt Purnell - RAF Air UK
CO 1(F) Squadron

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